Pope St. Celestine V

On this historic day when Pope Benedict XVI ends his eight year ministry (we love you Papa!), we harken back to the year 1294 when Celestine V stepped down as the successor of St. Peter. This holy Italian man was a lifelong monk of the order of St. Benedict, and was made pope when he was nearly 80 years old. A marvelous podcast, the SaintCast, has a full biography about this medieval pope complete with an interview of the author of a recently published book about Pope Celestine

Stay tuned for a Pope Paternoster currently in the works!

Here is a little poem by Janelle, about these two holy Popes .... 

A holy hermit, a Saint 

From centuries before 

A Pope like himself

Humble, Prayerful, 

Dedicated Fully to the Lord.

The question to step down 

for the Good of the Church

in order to Climb the steep

Mountain of Prayer

connects these

Fishers of Men. 

Making way for

a new Shepherd,

Gratitude is what remains. 


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